The Sound of the Walz

A | 2020 | 45 Min
ORF3, 3Sat


The Sound of the Walz
A Film by Stefan Wolner
2017 | A | TV-Documentary | 45 Min
ORF3  14.02.17, Mythos History
3Sat 24.10.20


No dance represents the old imperial city of Vienna as the Viennese Waltz does. It became the soundtrack to the era of the Ringstraße, the young Franzl and his Sisi shared their first embrace to its sound and through it, Johann Strauß Jr. (1825-1899) became a superstar. In an environment of puritanical pseudo-morality, the Waltz presented the only legitimate way for men and women to touch each other in public. Through its spinning motion the dance gave a feeling of weightlessness and thereby became the electrifying accomplice of a restrained eroticism. Director Stefan Wolner goes back to the origins of the Waltz and demonstrates why its popularity is unbroken to this day. The success story of the three-four time is illustrated with the most beautiful excerpts of the ballet interludes of the Vienna New Year’s concert and of Viennese balls.


Director: Stefan Wolner
Script: Giorgio Palma, Stefan Wolner
Dop: Jürgen Bauernfeind, Viktor Schaider
Sound: Daniel Röhrens
Editor: Harald Nestl
Producer: Stefan Wolner

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