What the heck is PITCHPOOL?

Imagine you’re a producer looking for a sizzling new series project…

Or a commissioner in search of the next addictive crime drama that’s ready to start shooting, just waiting for that last bit of financing. Now imagine you could log into a platform that functions just like your favorite VOD service – but instead of watching films and series, you could browse dozens of exciting new projects in various stages of development, each introduced with a concise, three-minute “elevator pitch“ video and listed with all relevant data.

If you like the project, the simple click of a button will arrange an appointment for a video call that connects you with the project’s creators – and fits your schedule perfectly.

Let’s say you’re looking for an English-language sitcom project in an early stage of development…

You log into PITCHPOOL, use our handy filter options – and check your results. You can see all relevant information and watch a short elevator pitch for each project – and if you like what you see, hit the “MEET THE PROJECT” button. You’ll then receive a link for a scheduled video call with the project creator.