Childhood of an Empress

Eine TV-Dokumentation von Stefan Wolner


A | In Development | TV-Documentary | 45 Min
In Coproduction with ORF3

funded by Filmfonds Austria, Filmfond Vienna 

Sisi – hardly any other monarch has fascinated her contemporaries as well as posterity. There are many myths surrounding her complex personality, and historical research is still trying to track down the “real” Elisabeth.

Little is known about Sisi’s childhood. In general, the image that we know from Ernst Marischka’s Sisi trilogy dominates: Carefree freedom in Possenhofen on the Starnberger See, shaped by a loving father who recommends Sisi and her siblings to love nature, while the rather strict mother prefers it is interested in marrying off their children particularly well.

Director: Stefan Wolner
Script: Katharina Liebert, Stefan Wolner
Dop: Jürgen Bauernfeind
Sound: Daniel Röhrens
Editors: Nikolaus Müller, Harald Nestl
Soundmixing: Emanoel Brückner
Producer: Stefan Wolner
Produktion: Red Monster Film